Windows Workflow Foundation Demystified at CodeCamp Timisoara

I was a speaker at CodeCamp Timisoara, where I presented Windows Workflow Foundation. The conference took place at the West University of Timisoara.

Windows Workflow Foundation presentation

With 8 parallel tracks, I was happy to see participants also interested in WF, a not so commonly used technology from the .Net Framework (full) stack.

On top of the more technical slides from my Windows Workflow Foundation presentation at Microsoft Summit, I have focused more on:

For the demo, I have showcased an updated version of my Rehosted Workflow Designer project — source code available on github.

The Q&A session at the end brought into discussion the supported Powershell Workflow input object types and as a followup I have built a generic example, shown in the script below (download link test-wf-input.ps1):

  • the powershell script retrieves the first 10 windows services and sends them as input to the workflow paralleltest
  • the input objects can have complex types (not just String, Int) which can be casted

I have uploaded the presentation on slideshare :

CodeCamp Timisoara

CodeCamp is an established Romanian IT event (2017 marks its 10th edition) comprised of conferences, hackatons, open days, masterclasses. Even though the conference in Timisoara was a local one, the IT Community from here is vibrant, dynamic and the attendance was quite high (it reminded me of Microsoft Summit 2015).

Originally published at on October 16, 2017.