Machine Learning is Fun! Part 3: Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks
Adam Geitgey

Brilliant, I never thought the DL can be tough so clear and understandable

I have some questions here:

  1. Image size: If my images resolution are in different size, 600X800, 1280X720…etc. How could I prepare those training data-set?
  2. Mode-Save: If I want to build a mode that contains birds, cats, dogs image recognition as“bird-cat-dog classifier.tfl”). How could I start to do it?
  3. Image similarity: If I have trained a mode called bird-classifier.tfl, I input one dog image into classifier, then can it tells me the image similarity percentage? For example, the image is 15% similarity to the bird, not telling only True or False.

Thank you very much for my questions.

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