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The foster children of America have become the unintended collateral of a national shutdown and system spun on its head. Here are 7 ways the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted foster youth in 2020:

By: Kyle Gebhart, Sophia Loux

“With children we are seeing this grief process for the loss of their normalcy. But you’re bringing to the table children who are already grieving the loss of normalcy,” says Adam Carter, specialist in child trauma and Assistant Professor of Counseling at Northern Illinois University.

Carter explains that children in the system have already faced devastating trauma through the removal of a parent or guardian from their life: “There’s not a situation where someone is in foster care because things have gone well.” …

Renee Loux with her two biological daughters, and ten of her twelve adopted children. Photo Credit: Micah Blosser & Nick Allen Photography

Eleven years after her husband’s untimely death, Renee Loux, mom of twelve adopted and two biological children, is taking lead once again over the organization she co-founded.

By: Crystal Schaefer and Sophia Loux

The Orphan Justice Center, a Kansas City-based nonprofit organization serving adopted and foster children and their families, is originally known for the dynamic couple, Derek and Renee Loux, who shared extreme compassion for vulnerable children. Having adopted eight children themselves, they used their platform to bring awareness to the orphan crisis and called on the church to take part in the solution. …

Orphan Justice Center

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