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If LinkedIn is your market Where is your stall?
With over 540million people It’s really not that small

Many people looking At any time of day Many people passing But what do you say?

Posts about your business Are you doing that?
Or just talking nonsense About a big fat cat?

Are you getting traction? And your posts being seen? Time to up the anti
Or be an old has-been

Video is the leader
To attract new leads
Great for making connections And planting seeds

So if you run a business Or here just for the fame All that really matters
Is you get in the game!

Linkedin is your market
Its here for one and all
And if you need more business Just give me a call:)

⭐ ⭐ Are you in the Game?

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Businesses are often required to make tough decisions. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right company from many available web design services, offering a wide range of options, the choice is not easy for a business. Several factors can contribute to this decision, especially as web design is no longer limited to an attractive online design. It includes a number of elements that together complement the holistic web interface for both users and businesses to achieve their goals. …

With businesses across the globe regularly submitting thousands of dollars on services like Google ad words and Facebook campaigns for lead generation there are very few companies that are using professional marketers to structure their campaigns and maximize return on investment.

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Through these services you won’t have to pay for premium advertising keywords or lose countless dollars from your marketing budget just to compete with people in your local market or within your industry. The entire focus is on the human element of marketing by delivering extremely localized person-to-person lead generation.

Rather than paying as much as five dollars per…

Social media marketing is more than just a tool for making a social sharing profile, strategies, and badges, designing blogs, and analyzing competitors. Know how this service can benefit both you and your brand.

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  1. Reach, connect, and understand your audience. Social media makes it a lot easier for business owners and marketers to reach their intended audience and understand and build a strong rapport with them. You can get daily insights into their consumer behaviours and day-to- day lives.

2. Improve the SEO of your website. If you wish to increase your rankings in search engines, social media is going…

You must be thinking that there are so many social media platforms that give your users an opportunity to generate leads then why we have prioritized LinkedIn?

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Google ads, Facebook campaign, and other social media ads are not the best available option for generating b2b leads. Among all these social sites LinkedIn is the most powerful and reliable source. LinkedIn has a share of 80% business which social media Leads. The considerable reason to choose LinkedIn for lead generation, marketing and promotion is its distinctive targeting norm.

LinkedIn, the medium we use for the lead generation, for marketing and promotional…

Whether you are going to start a new company or considering expanding an already established business, it is very important to construct an online promotional plan. No matter, how much money you spend on, without reviewing the awareness, marketing, and conversion strategy, your esteemed brand cannot hit the mark! If you are stuck at that very point in the business journey, let us assist you. We at Orpiv, have a team of experts, who help our clients via Linkedin leads to grow the commerce.

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With the advancement in business services, a number of digital marketing platforms are available. Usually, owners…

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So, your business has finally started getting traction. You have started to get mass leads, and even better, you can even talk to them- by simply sending bulk emails.

But have you ever launched an email campaign to your subscriber list and got no response? Or have you ever wondered whether your emails were opened or were just marked as spam?

Well, we all have emails that we don’t read, ignore, or immediately delete altogether!

So there are chances that your email is not even catching your audience eye. As long as you are not a being part of email…

LinkedIn has been named the biggest professional network in the world, with its members numbering over 120 million people, and it has never stopped growing rapidly on a daily basis. LinkedIn is a good platform for people to connect with other desired contacts, share ideas, acquired knowledge and privileges with a wider community of professionals.

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Any Business to Business (B2B) organization that has the desire to drive consistency and maintain reliable revenue must take b2b LinkedIn leads as a pivotal part of their dealings. …

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Is LinkedIn helping in your business growth?

Focus on work, not really work title. You may think “Occupation Title” would be extraordinary compared to other focusing on criteria when setting up your promotion, however that is not really the situation. Make no less than 4 advertisements for ideal outcomes.

If you truly need to be not kidding about running a LinkedIn advertisement battle, you’ll need to have more than one promotion running without a moment’s delay, ideally no less than four. Why four? …

If you are a member of LinkedIn– and in excess of 500 million — you can be a content advertiser on the form. Around two years back, LinkedIn opened its distributing stage to all people, enabling them to distribute writes specifically and advance their Content all through the LinkedIn network and above. While LinkedIn marketing agency is essentially a B2B social media stage, both B2B and B2C brands can profit by distributing on it.

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Distributing straightforwardly on LinkedIn expands their compass and enables them to interface specifically with their clients. There are two principal approaches to LinkedIn Advertising Management Services…

Orpiv Technology

We mainly focused on web solutions, marketing and software development. However, we adapted and expanded to handle everything and anything “digital”.

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