How I Remain Ripped Year Round By Consuming Chips, Chocolate and Cheese While Skipping Sit-ups & Sprints

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Did you make any?

As most of you know New Year’s resolutions are a tradition where people make a public promise of self-improvement.

Popular goals include improving friendships, finances and fitness.

According to 2015 Nielsen Consumer Insights (…/2015s-top-new-years-resolution-fit…), to “stay fit and healthy” was the top New Year’s Resolution.

Is it one of yours?

I’ve been where you are and I know how hard it can seem, so I want to see you succeed if this is your New Year’s goals.

And that’s why I distilled everything I have learned about fitness into a 33 page written documentary ( that goes into the fastest and easiest way I know to getting and staying lean and strong ( & even while eating cheese, chips and chocolate and skipping sit-ups and sprints.

Yes, I realise the excess alliteration sounds like a late scammy night infomercial, but it’s all in there.

Don’t believe me?

• Body Weight: down 13kgs
• Body Fat: down 6.53%
• Waist: down 12cm;
• Bench Press: up 20kg;
• Push Press: up 28.5kg;
• Weighted Pull ups: up 9.5kg; and
• Deadlift: up 42.5kg.

I DO NOT have the best genetics, I do NOT have skinny “metabolism” (see attached before photo) and I am NOT the muscliest or strongest person by any stretch.

None of that matters — external comparisons in these is a losing game — relative comparisons is where it’s at!

Food and fitness should add to, not subtract from enjoyment of life.

I maintain single digit body fat 365 day a year and I don’t obsess over food or training or “low carb this” or “sugar is bad that” — I drink alcohol, eat junk food and have fun!

Could I be stricter or more disciplined with both?

Of course, but being miserable is not fun.

If you have been struggling with making progress with your fitness, then you need to read this fitness guide that outlines my journey!

NOTE: This is not medical or nutritional advice.

It’s an in-depth look at my journey.

And it’s only AUD $1.

Just click the link and you’ll be taken to a secure order form on PayPal (you can also pay via credit card) and I’ll email it to you:

There is no catch: I’m doing this because it’s a New Year and I want your New Year’s resolutions to start on the right foot.

…And for transparency, I’ll make profit on the backend — I believe this guide good and that a proportion of people who buy it for $1 will also purchase other related products off me later on.

The $1 deal will only be available till midnight Friday, 20 January 2017, then I’ll probably put the price up to the $50 mark.

This means: once it’s over, it’s over.

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Have an awesome weekend :-)