How Spam made me move back to Gmail

I tried moving away from Gmail as my primary email hosting provider. I used to use Google’s G Suite package to have my own email domain connected to Gmail. Generally, I had a great experience with this service, yet concerned about my data privacy. Moreover, ideologically I really wanted to support a smaller niche player such as Gandi which I use to host my domain. Gandi offers a free webmail package that allows you to host your own email domain with them.

I tried Gandi’s webmail system for about a month now and as much as I would like to use them for reasons of supporting a player whose value proposition I very much favour, I ended up moving back to Gmail and Google because it’s just working better. The amount of Spam emails I was getting on the Gandi platform became unbearable and I wasn’t willing to spend time on constantly reconfiguring my Spam filter to avoid those emails.

I can criticize Google and Gmail for its status of being a large, intransparent corporation but I have to admit that technologically they have done a very good job with Gmail and keeping Spam away from my window of attention.

Chapeaux Google.