(Yet another) set of 16 practices for a fulfilled life

This list is work in progress. Your experiences are welcome.

  1. Constantly revise your own assumptions.
  2. Don’t get attached to irrelevant details for perfectionist solutions that are hard or (almost) impossible to achieve. Instead find smart workarounds and improve those continuously.
  3. Don’t experiment with too many things at a time to not exhaust yourself.
  4. Allow occasional exceptions to the rule.
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead develop further existing solutions.
  6. Articulate new ideas as they emerge and don’t overthink how to get started.
  7. Don’t rush. Instead take time and perform activities calmly.
  8. Take ownership of your actions. Mentally cross out the words “I need to”, “I have to” and “I try to”.
  9. Accept your feelings and be grateful for any given situation. Everything forms part of your life journey.
  10. Treat your body well and accept its weaknesses. Eat naturally and frugally, move outside in the sun, and sleep sufficiently.
  11. Use a calendar to structure your day and repeat activities that you deem important to improve them.
  12. Multitask with complementary activities while being fully present with complex singular tasks.
  13. Spend time doing nothing for your body and mind to rest and recover.
  14. Read books for entertainment and create art for pleasure.
  15. Simplify your material life and remove comfort and convenience whenever it feels good.
  16. Create a distraction-free (work) environment and use shortcuts to automate workflows.
The wheel of a fulfilled life