The Linux default industry standard

Upon reading Open Source Application of the Week: Openshot Video Editor, I am wondering where I should put my stand on software diversity. There is one side that argues diversity of projects is important. The more alternatives we see, the healthier the Linux open source environment. The other side says, the more similar projects you get, the more you are at the risk of not channelling all your efforts into a single good one.

Let’s take the above link as an example. It announces the progress done on the Openshot Video Editor. If you want to promote Linux widely, you can say that Linux needs an excellent and compelling video editor for people to switch from Windows or MacOS to Linux. Aside this background, is it good to focus efforts on the progress of Openshot and other related (minor) video editor projects, or is better to channelise all energy on the quasi standard project with the most probability to compete with the mainstream, i.e. Kdenlive?

Other prominent examples where this puzzles me:

  • Desktop environments, i.e. GNOME?
  • Web browsers, i.e. Firefox?
  • Office suite, i.e. LibreOffice?

What do you think? Where do you draw the fine line between helping the most mature and most likely contestant in the ring while diversifying the ecosystem? How can smaller projects feed back with their ideas to the quasi standard?