Which Linux distro should I choose?

All I need is a browser.

Choose from Ubuntu, Linux Mint or elementary OS.

I am looking for a Windows replacement.

Choose Linux Mint Cinnamon.

I am looking for a very beginner-friendly distro.

Choose Ubuntu MATE.

I am looking for a replacement for Ubuntu Unity.

Choose Ubuntu MATE.

I need a distro for very old hardware.

Choose from Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu.

I want to tweak and customise a lot.

Choose Arch Linux.

I am looking for a modern distro for advanced users.

Choose Solus.

I want a nice looking distro.

Choose from elementary OS, Solus or Deepin.

I just want to get my work done.

Choose from Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

I want to promote open source.

Choose from Debian or Fedora.

I want to use a distro that encourages people to develop native Linux apps that can be paid for.

Choose elementary OS.

I love the GNOME desktop.

Choose Fedora.