My Idea of Paradise

Path to Paradise

Paradise was invented by unhappy people.

They had an ongoing beef with their reality so they spent their time fantasizing over a better place.

For that, they put together a puzzle of fantasies that formed this perfect place where wine flows from the heavens and topless women gallivant freely (pretty much like any rap video ever made).

When I try to picture myself in my own paradise the image is blurry. Not even a single fantasy comes to mind. (Weird right? try for a sec, I can wait)

This made me realize — I don’t know what I want. I got a thousand desires, but they all amount to no desire at all.

So I figured I’d write down all of my inner most fantasies, not “have a 5-way with Victoria Secret models”, but the basic sensations that I’d like to feel most during my time on this planet.

Be Present

A million thoughts create a lot of noise. It overshadows the noises in the street, the smells of the trees and the voices of those whom I interact with. Most of all — it causes distress. Anxiety, jealousy, impatience — the root of all those bad feelings stems from over-thinking.

The next billionaire will be the guy that would invent a pill that puts you in a constant state of present-ness. There is no better high. No better rush.

That’s what I wish to feel. Here and now. No filters. Without having to meditate for hours in order to catch a glimpse of it. A Buddha (I got the body for it).


Jumping from a plane, jumping from a bridge, riding motorcycles, climbing mountains — I did all of those. Can’t remember most of them, and the ones I do remember- it’s just bits and pieces.

I remember the people. Different people. With their stories, unique outlooks and weird cultures.

When I say experience — I guess I mean meet and converse with people as different than me as possible, because the mere interaction with them reflects the best and worst of me.


I’m having the same conversations again and again. At work, at home. Like this vicious time cycle that has got so skilled at masking itself that many of us don’t even acknowledge it’s there.

We don’t mean to do it. We are just not present enough to go deeper. So we blurt out the words that exist on the surface of our consciousness and are content with them.

To go deeper would mean to forget the other million thoughts that plague us while we speak with that person. To really listen to what he\she has to say. To look into his eyes without looking away every 3 seconds and be comfortable doing it. To feel his\her nonverbal communication — body language, breathing pace. All that so we could say things that are real, and most importantly — feel connected to each other, no matter what our level of closeness is.

Life is too short for shallow conversations.


I’m dumb.

For half my life I thought I knew it all — which only made me dumber.

Feeling dumb can be funny at times, but most times it sucks. Feeling dumb among smart people clashes with our basic need to belong.

Learning on the other hand — brings order to the chaos. The more I learn, the more aware I am to the magnitude of this chaos, just like the never ending expansion of the universe. But even though this universe of confusion always seems to grow, knowing about it is half the battle.

That feeling of learning something new and useful, that epiphany moment when life seems to make a little more sense, is one of the greatest feelings in the world for us confused souls.


Leading is a lonely job. Only a few do it well. The successful ones have one thing in common — they sway. They convince you that their way is the right way, and they get you excited about it as well.

Their eyes, of the swayed, in the moment of pure belief, brings hope to the swayer, that his path is the right one, that he is the right one to lead.


We all wish we could do more to help others. Why? cuz it feels good, that’s why. But what does that mean exactly?

That feeling of ‘good’ is actually comprised of a few different emotions we hardly ever feel and wish we could feel more.

It’s night time. An old lady struggles getting her (unnecessarily gigantic) bags on the bus. You spot her. That feeling of chivalry already kicks in. When you reach to help her, she resists, you insist, feeling strong and righteous. She caves, her eyes looking at you with admiration and a little sadness about her weakness. You feel shy, humble, heroic. Not to mention the others that have seen your Herculean act and bestow their approval upon you.

This is why people like to help. It stirs more emotion in them than any other act or experience in their lives.

I personally would like to help because I feel it would bring my life purpose — The last piece of true paradise.


That was my paradise. Don’t know if defining it will help me act differently but I feel more leveled, definitely less confused about what I wish to gain in life, and that already is a huge progress. What’s your paradise?

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If I made you wiser, dumber, bored, or entertained — for those couple of minutes I at least had some effect on your life — so pls click on the heart sign or follow so I could feel good about myself :)