Maison & Objet Design Fair, Paris

Welcome to the first blog post from Orsom Interiors and what better way to start it off than reviewing the great Maison & Objet Design Fair in Paris. After 13 miles of walking around this fantastic show the one thing that really stood out to the Orsom Team is this….COLOUR is back and in a BIG WAY! From wallpaper to individual chairs and sofas. These stand out pieces not only lift a room, but they bring it to life. Over the last few years we have see a trend of ‘clean cut’ interiors with a lot of white, grey or neutral colours to make a room not only look spacious but sharp and classy. Being a massive advocate of this design over the last few years I have seen the results of this and this not only lasts but is timeless. But after seeing a number of loud, colourful and fun stands in Paris this week my head has been turned somewhat. Let us take some risks. A big, bold, colourful canvas or a electric blue or plum sofas can give a room a completely different feel without losing the class. Mrs O, fellow Director at Orsom Interiors and also my mother, has had bright green velvet sofas in her lounge for the last 3 years….yet again ahead of the trend. On a serious note, a lot of customers are attached to certain items of furniture be it a late family members chair or other furniture that has sentimental value. These can be given a new lease of life & stay in the family with simple re-upholstery or a coat of paint. I will be writing a separate entry soon regarding this.

One other item that really caught my eye at the show the light which I like to call ‘The Jellyfish’. As silly as it sounds the effect it produces is both euphoric and awe-inspiring. Hanging more than one of these in close proximity of one another truly makes for a dazzling effect. Another bold statement, one of many I saw but this one will stick in the memory.

In summary, BE BOLD, BE ADVENTUROUS….COLOUR IS BACK IN A BIG WAY. Statement coloured pieces will give a room a completely different feel. Have a look at the photos below to see what we mean.

Two animals in this photo….can you spot them amongst the BLUE?
Amazing use of wallpaper here
Lady Penelope anyone?
Amazing outdoor Decor
The JELLYFISH Light….personnel favourite
Re-Upholstered Family Chair…..old isn’t old for long after a bit of love.
Mrs O all wrapped up in Paris
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