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Samen met BattMobiel, elektrisch autodelen, ruilden we het vliegtuig in voor een elektrische autoreis door Europa. En dat ging super.

Electric car charging while we are sitting on lawn chairs reading a book in front of it.
Half uurtje laden, even de beentjes strekken of wat chillen in de zon.

Het vliegtuig. Een avontuur én de snelste weg naar een verre bestemming, maar ook een gigantische vervuiler. De UN heeft berekend dat de luchtvaart verantwoordelijk is voor maar liefst 900 miljoen (!) ton (!) aan CO2 in 2018, en dat zal verdríevoudigen tegen 2050.

“We are all going to have to reduce the extent to which we fly,” zei Paul Fennell, de professor van “clean energy” aan het Imperial College in London.

Ik vlieg doorgaans een paar keer per jaar…

In the wake of facebook’s data scandal, here are 5 quick tips to increase your browsing privacy.


I know, most Chrome users will not like this, but Firefox has been advocating a better, more open and safer web. It has various built-in tools that increase your online privacy and security. I’ve been using the Fox for many years and I’m a big fan.

VR could potentially transform how travel is marketed.

VR in Travel talk by Bram at the e-Travel Summit in Almere, The Netherlands

TradeTracker invited us to Amsterdam (well, Almere, but you might have no idea where that is) to give a talk on VR in Travel on their annual e-Travel Summit. Couldn’t make it? I got you: here are the key take-aways.

The term VR in this article is the broader term of anything simulated visually in a 360 immersive way, so from 360 photo and video to 360 or actual 3D.

This is why you should be using VR in Travel. Already.

I’ll keep it to the point, since it’s actually quite obvious: Storytelling.

Here are five examples how you can make VR work for your human resources needs.

Poppr at HRcoreAcademy in Brussels, diving in head-first.

Recently we were asked to facilitate VR experiences for HRcoreAcademy, an international HR conference in the heart of Brussels, with some pretty big names like Accor Hotels, ArcelorMittal, ATOS, Audi, Bacardi, BBC, BNP Paribas Fortis or

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve learned.

Research shows that audiences retain VR experiences at a remarkable rate, with an 80% retention rate one year after the experience, compared to 20% retention with reading. — SalesForce

1. Corporate branding

VR is hip, happening, and trust me, it’s just getting started. …

After switching to Windows for a month, a new switcharoo, this time powered by Dell: Is Linux desktop ready for me to use professionally?

My office setup: the Dell XPS laptop with a Dell display, wireless keyboard and mouse.

To get right to it: in comparison, these are (most of) my main tools on my trusty MacBook (2014, specced out, with USB and a bloody SD card reader):

  • Firefox as my main browser (yes, I love the Fox)
  • macOS Mail and Calendar running multiple Google accounts
    for hardcore emailing and calendar control
    (I dislike the web interfaces for various reasons)
  • Design, layout and image manipulation:
    Sketch, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Video editing on Prelude, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and some bad-ass After Effects
  • Picture & RAW processing in Lightroom
  • Keynote for presentations
    (repeat after me: PowerPoint is shit)
  • Coda for…

Hacken wordt één van dé belangrijkste tools tegen datalekken.

Laat je applicaties en systemen testen door ethische hackers om lekken en kwetsbaarheden op te sporen en te dichten vóór ze misbruikt worden.

Dit artikel is geschreven voor De Privacyproef en is verschenen op de blog van deJuristen.

Hacken. Dankzij de media roept de term spontaan beelden op van duistere figuren in donkere kamertjes die netwerken en computers kraken om VISA-nummers te bemachtigen, of meer recentelijk met de Guy Fawkes-maskers van Anonymous.

Maar wat is hacken, wat is ethisch hacken, en hoe kan het onze veiligheid en privacy drastisch verbeteren?

Een beetje geschiedenis

Eigenlijk heeft hacking niet per definitie iets maken met…

In short, after my Apple rant, Microsoft BeLux challenged me to live and work on a Surface Pro 4 (and some peripherals) for a month!

The Surface Pro 4, picture taken at Co.Station Gent

I wrote a little rant about Apple not caring about power users anymore, that kinda took off (thanks, leakers Rudolf van der Ven and Elke De Vilder). Microsoft invited me for a tour of the BeLux headquarters, and to spend a month working on their Surface Pro 4.

I usually try and keep my posts shorts. This is not one of those times.
But it has a lot of pretty pictures.

31337 pseudo-evol master plan. GG, EZ

We were
asked to do this, encrypted (and salted) the sensitive data, never saw, had or stored any non-encrypted sensitive data, and we had some inside help. We loudly applaud this initiative from this company, security, like punctuation and proper grammar, matters.

A leading player in its industry, with a turn-over of an impressive 20 billion Euro annually, asked us to do something special for their IT operations management/InfoSec meetup in Hannover, Germany.

Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information.

Phishing them out of their usernames and passwords, many jaws dropped.

On stage, we…

They’re amazingly easy to use, and you can spend more time creating, and less trouble shooting, I absolutely agree.

But since I’d say the iPhone, they’ve been ignoring the power users, and adding more and more features that appeal to John and Jane Everyday.

What about us, the boys and girls that move around their environment so fast, it’s hard to keep up, using short keys for just about anything, and aren’t afraid of some Terminal awesomeness?

A power user, to me, is someone that uses his computer every single day for most of the day, performing mid to higher-end…

Samsung Galaxy S7 with some of my default apps installed

After my precious iPhone 6S suffered what I presume was an unfortunate encounter with a table corner, spending five days without a smartphone as a test, Samsung Belgium was so kind as to send me a Galaxy S7 for a few weeks to try out. Thanks, chaps.

I’ve been on Android before, a Oneplus 2, but got the remark that I should compare a flagship to a flagship, and try it a few weeks to get used to the differences. Here’s a quick overview of my findings after 3 weeks.


Beautiful device, Android is excellent to work with, Google is…


Entrepreneur, passionate about technology, people, businesses, ideas and storytelling. @startupbus EU Winner 2013.

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