A hashtag tags a piece of content with a subject, so it can be searched for.

Hashtags for people who shouldn't be using hashtags

#thisisnothowitworks #stahp #pls

Some piece of information… tagged… with a hash and a word.

A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.

# > hash
volvo > tag
#volvo > hashtag

With me so far? Confetti.

Hashtags are used to find and filter content

On Twitter, users began adding hashtags to messages, to link them to keywords. Events, companies, sports, artists, anything, really.

Tweet about Cern? #cern. About Harry Potter? #harrypotter
Jobs in Belgium? #bejobs

That way, you can use Search to find tweets, posts, messags, about subjects.

Twitter liked it so much, they built it into the core of their product, and other platforms followed. The hash tag is omnipresent.

Click on #design on Instagram, and you get a sorted feed with pictures tagged design. Or #event16, for those event pictures. 
Simple yet incredibly powerful concept, right?

What happens when you click on #thesekindsofhashtags #aboutnothing?
That's right. Nothing. No relevant content. 
Also kinda looking like an idiot.

Bottom line:

If you think nobody will ever use the same hash tag to search for content, or it has no contextual relevance, you're doing it wrong.

Stop polluting our beloved internet by looking like a noob.


Free booze at this conference #startupconference16
That singer sounds like a cat being tortured #idol


I just bumped into the fridge #iworktoohard #imalsoaclumsyidiot
Irrelevant hash tags, those are not topics.

Woke up like dis #smile#teeth#cat#walrus#testicle
Put spaces between tags, and two or three tags is enough, bruh.

Even seen a couple of these: mensa# #multiple words #doubletag#
Please refrain from using hashtags completely, and stick to facebook.

Okay? Okay.

Bask in my glorious hashtag-use on Twitter and Instagram.