What is my story? Still being written I hope. Something that I can be proud to tell someone someday, hopefully. This big place I’m calling my home right now doesn’t seem so excited to accept me. Just another kid from the suburbs complaining about my life, am I? No one really attempts to find out more. That’s alright, if I’m not comfortable with how things are right now at the U of M, I’ll change something. Right now, I’m feeling alone. Amongst the 50 thousand plus students that attend, I am. Getting caught underneath the tidal wave of enthusiastic fraternity/sorority people? How about the piles of homework the professors view as enlightenment? Feeling like you’re about to drown a bit? Me too, but look around you. It seems we’re all made of kevlar, and we can float. Trust me, I looked it up.

So What Now?

I know, I know. All of you would love to see me saying how optimistic I am about finding somewhere to belong, but the thing is, I’m not so sure I belong here in the first place. I’m sure at some point in my education I’ll have the “aha!” moment, and I’ll be happy when I do. Maybe even this happy..

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For now, I’ll try to be patient.


Now that my angsty fun is over, I’d like to talk a little bit about “My Story”. For the longest time, I have found that I have never been one to fit in. In retrospect, I think that is okay. It gives me more time to think deep thoughts. However, in order to fully immerse myself in this whirlpool of a school I will need to push myself out into the big scary world. Thus, my story will be written this year. See what I did there;)? Due to my past experiences, I feel obligated to due something with the environment. It has always seemed to me that many people don’t know exactly what is going with our world. I don’t either, but at least I try and so do many others. This will be my project. After attending an environmental school throughout junior and senior year of high school, I became obsessed. Anything and everything that had to do with the environment, I was in. Throughout this semester I will be seeing if others are like me, and why. I want to find out the intentions of the many people out there fighting for the same things I am, I want to find out how they became involved in the war of our world, and maybe most importantly how they think it will all turn out.

Call me a Tree Hugger

Because I am. I’m pretty determined to find more people like me, and I’m sure there are. I hope. Mostly because I’m tired of being sad about the world’s problems alone. I love the environment beecause of its intricacy, but I also am deeply saddened by it. I fit the average indecisive teenager image don’t I? The answer is maybe. Nonetheless, the research topic I will be pursuing is going to be one of great emotion. I’m hoping to find the greenest of the green. I want to find some tree-hugging, dirt-worshipping, environmentalist. Not kids who say they love the environment because it has the worlds best “plants” if you know what I mean, but the people who are actually passionate about sustainability. I hope that this project will bring me to the community I am seeking. I am ever-changing as a person, and I hope to find people that can help me form someone I would want to be.