Let me preface this post by letting you know that I am not a developer, the only class related to programming that I ever took was 15 years ago, in Pascal — that’s right, Pascal. I am a scientist and I learned how to program Python with friends, colleagues, the…

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A motivação para esta publicação é a minha experiência com a nova onda de pseudo especialistas ecoando suas opiniões nos quatro cantos da internet. E simplesmente escrevendo esta coluna, estou aumentando o coro, mas vou tentar manter o post num tópico com o qual eu estou familiarizado: aprender.

Aprender torna nossa vida melhor.

classical mechanics is a useful model

working version 1.0

The motivation for this post is my experience with the newly formed wave of pseudo-specialists echoing their opinion from the four corners of the internet. …

I am a born and raised Brazilian living in the United States for over 10 years now. I came to appreciate the power of the American democracy and how it is often ignored by its own citizens.

In the U.S. “anyone” can run for local offices as an independent. In…

Davi Ortega

Postdoc @Caltech studying the evolution of chemotaxis networks and macromolecular machineries in prokaryotes. Liquid democracy advocate. daviortega@toxme.io

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