3 Reasons Patients and Doctors Choose Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

The need for joint replacement has almost doubled in the United States. More patients are approaching doctors with worn out hip joints than ever before. Osteoarthritis is the main culprit that causes wear and tear of joints leading to the need for hip replacement. Hip surgery sounds daunting to most patients. Patients dread a major orthopedic invasive surgery, long recovery periods and the extent of relief and restoration of function.

The goal of hip replacement procedures is long term restoration of function and motion with pain relief with fastest recovery. Fortunately, advancements in medicine have made it possible to perform total hip replacement with a minimally invasive technique — the SuperPath® and implants and instruments from MicroPort Orthopedics.

An increasingly growing number of experienced surgeons across the world have adopted SuperPath® as the preferred total hip technique to deliver faster recovery to patients.

Here are top 3 reasons why SuperPath is favored by doctors and patients alike.


SuperPath has evolved as the best hip replacement surgery since it is a minimally invasive procedure. There is least trauma to surrounding muscles and other tissues. The muscles are split without cutting them and just using the space between the muscles. There is no ripping of tissues involved. Minimally invasive hip surgery is a much gentler process.

That converts into –

· Reductions in in-hospital costs through early patient mobilization and patient discharge

· Reductions in costs related to discharge status

· Reductions in 30-day all cause readmission rates

· Reductions in blood transfusion rates


Patients treated with the minimally invasive hip surgery require shorter hospital stays and are discharged directly to their home more often. They are also less likely to return within 30 days for any reason. There are hardly any postoperative hip restrictions that are usually associated with traditional total hip arthroplasty techniques.

That converts into –

· High patient satisfaction

· Nursing home or rehab stay not required

· Patients are able to walk within hours of the surgery

· Patients are able to return to normalcy faster


SuperPath® is a portal assisted total hip arthroplasty approach that accesses the capsule superiorly through the interval between the gluteous medius and piriformis without requiring the cutting of any muscles or tendons. The femur is prepared with the head and neck intact reducing the chance of fracture. The acetabulum is prepared under direct visualization and a cannula facilitates the use of inline instrumentation. If necessary, there is an extensile option allowing surgeons to convert the technique to the standard procedure without repositioning the patient. No special table or devices are required in this procedure.

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