Invisible Braces: To Bring Back the Smile

Smile is the first thing that people notice about you. A good smile is a sign of happiness and also enlightens the face and joy. Our teeth play an important role in making our smile killer for anyone who is watching? But what to do if we have misaligned, crooked or broken teeth? Does that mean we should not be smiling or we can keep on giving the ugly smile without putting in any effort to make it look good?

The dental treatments these days have become so advanced that with consistent use of braces for some time can bring the lost smile back and we can again shine like a rockstar. But then, not all are appreciative of wearing metal braces as they make us look weird and some people even feel ashamed of wearing braces even more than having misaligned teeth. For such people, dental officers have devised invisible braces also called invisalign. They are made from a clear material, which remains hidden to the onlooker even when you are wearing them throughout the day.

​Invisalign in Westford has become a popular dental treatment that more and more people with crooked and misaligned teeth are taking up to make their teeth look straight and normal. Though a little bit on expensive side, invisible braced are excellent for those who need to wear their braces for long hours and who are too shy to wear metal braces even for medical reasons. The invisalign is like a clear case made of the size of the wearer. They are customized for each and every patient and two patients can never have a same set of invisalign as everyone has a different jawline.

A liquid is filled in an invisalign case to take the size if the patient’s jawline and according to that the new set of invisalign is made. They are clear and can be worn throughout the day. They are easy to clean and do not get as dirty as your regular metal braces. They are also convenient to wear and must be removed before sleeping at night. Patient can easily eat or drink anything while wearing invisalign.

The conveniences that invisible braces bring to the patient have made them quite popular among the dentist and patients alike. Even dentists these days have started suggesting invisalign over the metal braces or any other form of treatment because of their faster results.