Jewish New Year

On Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, we are all standing in the synagogue, praying and beseeching G-d to grant us a year filled with health, happiness, riches and all the blessings. We reflect back on the year that has passed and hoping for an uneventful year ahead.

Looking back, I don’t remember a year that has been so difficult emotionally. Life with my special needs son was never easy but the year started off promising in high school. We sent a prayer of thanks to the man upstairs and were hoping for a successful year.

Who would have thought that he would have been expelled a few weeks later, on the day of my grandmothers passing. We were thrown into turmoil when we got the news. . The next few months were tough. Heartbroken and confused, we were struggling to find the silver lining here. What does G-d want from us?

We needed to look for a new school. It took a while but G-d led us to the right place. We ended up having to send our 14 year old away from home but it was for the best. The school we found for him was and still is a blessing. A small school, lots of individual attention and love for every student. It was exactly what he needed. Although we didn’t see it at the time, this was a blessing in disguise. He would have struggled in his old school. He became a different child in his new school, more grounded, calmer and all around happier.

As we are approaching the new year again, I am struck at how much we have to pray for. An uneventful year is not a given. I was standing in the synagogue last year with no inkling at the challenges ahead. Personal, communal and worldwide.

The world didn’t have it easy this year either. America had a tumultuous year with politics, extreme weathers and so on. This year, things don’t look too rosy either.

Personally, we are in a good place. My son is happy, my daughter is doing well and we are on top of the issues. I can only pray that G-d grant us mercy and continue to bless us with uneventfulness, routine and just the regular ups and downs. Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy New Year!