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This is a story from a very good friend and partner, Bello AKA Digital Zoro (, he personally sent me this article from his blog because of my complaints to him about my mental health these past days.

PS: some paraphrasing was done in this post though.

In today’s world, where everything is fast-paced. It almost feels like our mind is constantly wandering in a chaotic manner. This burden can be so much and it feels like most of us are going crazy. The phrase peace of mind seems to be an unattainable state nowadays. There is a demand to make a conscious effort to explore our mind and figure out who we truly are. Most people have realized that we need to take the time to keep our minds relaxed. However, most of us still do not know-how. …

So this happens to be my very first write up on Medium. Wow! I finally had to #winks.

So let’s talk about what I would be posting here. Erm, Basically anything worth sharing.

Thank you for your time.

Oruche Paschal

I am a passionate software developer who seeks to always create a positive impact on his immediate society.

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