Tips For Successfully Moving A Pack Rat

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Does it seem like you are always being asked by friends, neighbors, and family members to help with a move? Have you also considered that you are the go-to friend for moving help because you are good at it?

Helping people move is a great way to solidify friendships. It is also a selfless way to assist others in a pickle. It does however, have the potential to create a bit of frustration. If you are a good organizer and are fit, you’ll notice that others have a hard time sticking to moving schedules and working hard.

This is especially true if you are helping someone out who is a pack rat. Worse yet, is having a friend who is bona fide hoarder. Neither of these personality traits are a reason to give up a friendship, but there are ways to make sure a move does not become emotionally scarring.

Before any labor begins, make a friendly agreement with the person you are helping. Communicate clearly that you are fully willing to help, but the entire process needs to be organized and productive. Here are a few pointers on successfully helping a pack rat move.

Overestimate the Time Needed

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In fact, overestimate everything!

After surveying the space to be moved, come up with a reasonable amount of time to complete the job under normal circumstance. Then, add the pack rat factor. Bring along more boxes, garbage bags, storage bins, and cleaning supplies than you think you will really need. When it comes to tackling a moving job, having too much is always better than having too little.

People, not Robots are Moving

Always keep in mind that moving can be an emotional time for some people. Many individuals avoid preparing for a move because it involves rummaging through items that bring back old memories and feelings. It is very common for the person moving to become “stuck” when packing certain items.

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Allow them to reminisce, but make sure you continue to work. Let them handle the sensitive stuff in their own way. Remind them that sorting through memories is always better when moving in somewhere new.

Decluttering Creativity

Parting with unneeded and unused items is always more difficult when the time comes. Separation anxiety is very real during a move. If you know the date when the packing and moving takes place, set a day ahead of time to specifically address items that will not be part of the move itself.

Get creative with old items, especially those that are still in decent condition. Remember, trashing unused items can be like trashing a person’s past. Make the suggestion to organize a yard sale, donate items to charity groups, or make a few contributions to secondhand and consignment stores.

Have a Solid Plan

Never start a moving job with random actions. If a group is helping, always have individual assignments. Do not stop a task until it is done. Attack each aspect of the moving job like a military drill team, not an emergency HAZMAT crew.

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Set a Definite Deadline

Though plans are well-designed, the moving process always includes surprises. These include interpersonal events and a host of unexpected possibilities. Keeping a close watch on the calendar and the clock will keep everyone on task, even when the unexpected arises. Perform your due diligence when setting and keeping a deadline. One example of this is, when donating items to charity, choose one that offers a pick-up service. Like the old-timers used to say, many hands make light work.

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