My experience at Andela boot camp so far

Today has been a great day not only because of the enthusiastic team members and a supportive facilitator I am interacting with during this second week boot camp but also because everything is working well and I am leaning new programming knowledge and skills and I am extremely excited about it.

Even though the day has been extremely challenging for me, I have stretched my limits over and over again just to keep on learning and give out my best. Perhaps, there is no limit after all. I never thought I could stay active while coding for long hours in a day, ranging from six hours to twelve hours in a day. In my days back at the campus, I could not even study for more than three hours nonstop, because I would need twenty to thirty minutes breaks after every two hours if I really had to read for longer hours. Yet, in Andela boot-camp, I can stay active for very longer hours learning new concepts, new perspectives, new technologies, and most importantly, solving real life problems and, of course, after solving these problems, I have to implement the solution in terms of a program. All of these demand a lot of time especially when one is faced with new challenges. You learn the new perspective, learn to use any technology or framework it requires, then you approach the problem and code after you have solved it. At Andela boot-camp, I have been faced with varieties of new challenges to be solved.

The Andela boot-camp has not only improved my technical skills as an upcoming software developer, it has also improved my soft skills. It has taught me how to seek help when I am stuck and confused and to be willing to give help. I have realized that asking questions is not a sign of weakness but a sign of confidence and that one should ask questions if he or she believe that it is of value to one’s team. I have also seen the importance of seeking feedback because other people’s perspective is important and also to act on feedback in order to improve. The boot camp has also taught me to embrace challenges in life and see them as an opportunity for growth. It has opened my eyes to realize that in life, I am not in competition with anyone. I am only competing with myself, so I should always work on myself to be better than whom I was yesterday. I am now not ashamed to seek help or ask questions because of the collaborative attitude I have gained.

I have developed a proactive approach in seeking feedback, so that I can improve. I am therefore able to learn faster now and solve problems faster. I am improving every day even as I embrace more challenges and go beyond my limits.

I must say that the journey is not easy, it’s demanding both in terms of dedication and commitment but it’s worth it because this is the path of growth. Working very hard these past few days has redefined my perception of what difficult task is. While the boot-camp requires extra effort and skills to accomplish the challenges, it is important for someone to collaborate with other team members in pooling up the necessary skills needed to accomplish the challenges.

Finally, I have come to appreciate my experiences so far in Andela boot-camp. It has made me to learn a lot. I believe that everything good comes with a price and to become a world-class software developer, I have to remain motivated amidst all these challenges and to be committed to learning and improving on my skills on a daily basis. When going gets tougher, I don’t see myself giving up anytime soon because I don’t want to remain stagnant but to keep on growing.