Nazis are picking up trash (and why it matters)

This weekend Identity Evropa, a white nationalist organization, organized a weekend of service among their various chapters. Under the hashtag #weekendofservice, you can find pictures of white nationalists picking up trash and feeding the homeless in:

  • Orlando, FL
  • Washington, DC
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Yonkers, NY
  • Gulf Shores, AL
  • Denver, CO
  • Kings Mountain, NC
  • Norman, OK
  • Tempe Town, AZ
  • Media, PA
  • Columbus, OH
  • Fort Lee, NJ

If you are a leftist committed to fighting fascism, this should scare the shit out of you. If you know anything about Hamas or Hezbollah, both of these organizations built their military and political success on the fact that they provided social services to large segments of the populations that the governments had forgotten in Palestine and in Lebanon. If white nationalist organizations can do the same thing in the Rust Bult, and can provide meaningful support in areas the government has failed such as the opioid epidemic, they will become real political forces. Any charitable action that bolsters the image of white nationalists makes them more dangerous, as this pushes them closer to the mainstream.

The only way to stop actions like these is to get the goverment and non-government organizations to address these problems quickly, before someone else does.