First Hajmo Classic event

Waiting for the sun to rise

On Mindanaoan climbing standards, in my own opinion, we dont really care about the names of the events or what it is. The only thing most of the climbers need to know is the itinerary and where they will be posing for selfies during the climb or trek or ugh lets call it a hike!

Dedicatory gratitude to all who participated

Before I go further I want to thank you all for participating on the event. Thank you for bringing your friends and friends of your friends over. I was really scared at first because there were many people I was used to handling only ten. Thank you guys for sharing stuff to people. I would highlight Mr. Gideon Rosagaran A.K.A. Astroboy because he did not only took heavenly photos of us with the milky way galaxy as background but also he lend his tent to five campers who didn’t have a single tent. To Miss Krisna too because I hate handling money of other people. To Slim, one of the guides, thank you for rescuing my friend.

Partitioned groups because there were too many. Some of them preferred to stay with their own flock.

Name of the event

This is the first event that I named after my facebook name. Hajmo means home. Hajmo is a word for home in the Scandanavian peninsula. The classic part I got it from “Fjallraven Classsic” an outdoor company events which encourages people to be on the outdoor. In our Hajmo Classic I kind of wanted to encourage people to be on their “home” which is the outdoor. I could’ve explained this to you guys earlier when we arrived at the Antfarm but we were panicking because it was raining cats and dogs.

My guiding principle

I don’t want to appear as saint in this section but I don’t profit from this. It never occurred to me that I would be making money on this endeavor. We paid guides and porters (we didn’t have on this event) because it has became their job to guide and support us when things go wrong. Its not about passion and everything, I wouldn’t charge my friends if I bring them to places because for me that sounded wrong. Charging friends uhm nope.

We board buses and jeepneys not pakyaw vehicles because it is part of the adventure. Ok I admit that’s 20% of the reason, 80% of it is because I am not good in handling negotiations and what if they will charge more because we were late.

Leave not trace. We carried our trash back to the starting point and not littered the place with our non-human waste whatsoever.

First time sole organizer

This is the first time that I solo-organized an outdoor event. It was scary at first knowing that 1. Jairo will not be with us (later on I was happy that he was there) 2. I’ve always had people with me to help on the itinerary 3. most of the events I’ve organized before were for friends.

It is really comforting when you know that you will be hiking with friends until you know that there are other people in the group that you didnt know. You have to mingle with them and sometimes when your mind is on other things you cant really focus. It has become a chore and I didnt like it that it has became a chore because there’s no quality in it.

“Shooting” the stars using an imaginary tirador.


I didn’t really expect that it would be really that wet when we hiked. I’ve always been ready for rainy hikes until that time when I was only carrying a relatively smaller bag. I didn’t imagine that the hike will eventually be slower because of the rain. Also the itinerary also was too tight I tried to estimate for beginners but I think I needed a new yard stick apparently. I’ve learned this time that I need to have a dry itinerary (for dry season) and wet itinerary (in case it rains).

There was a deeper meaning behind the event but I haven’t been able to deliver it because of my selfishness to sole organize that event. I like having to control everything that I wanted to do. I’ve learned that it is a bad thing especially with people moving from one place to the other.

The next time I should have a team who would commit to coordinate for a lot of things. This was indeed a very good learning experience.


Lastly I would like to thank God for giving us a challenging hike. We kind of doubted whether to continue hiking or pitch tents and wait for dawn. I thank God for the counsel He gave me to continue on even though it was raining. We didnt get much sea of clouds moments but we witnessed lightning illuminating the whole place in one flash in total darkness. The milky way galaxy. Had we pitched tent and stayed we would not witness such splendor. Thank you God for sharing all these to us.