How can we overcome economic crisis with less loss?

Existing economic crisis in the world, declining prices of oil affected Azerbaijan Economy. Poperly speaking, after the devaluations of February 21 and December 21, our national currency lost its cost by 125% than dollar. Of course, it caused the rising of food products` prices, increasement of credit payment with dollars and redundance of employees.

How can ordinary citizens of Azerbaijan overcome this crisis with less harm?

People have 2 views about the answer to this question. Some of them think that government must create new workplaces, others prefer to start their own businesses.

Back in 1990 Azerbaijan faced similiar crisis

In the “Passage period” — as we call it, economy was going to disintegrate. To tell the truth, however in 1991 the prices of consumer goods rose up by twice than they were in 1990, this indicator went swiftly in the following years. In 1992 the prices of consumer goods rose up by 10 times than 1991 and in 1993 they rose up by 12 times than they were in 1992. During a period of 4 years real incomes of the population for their wages had declined by 8 times since 1990.

How did The Population of Azerbaijan overcome the crisis in 1990s?

In 90s people worked in trade as their second jobs. It did not matter they were doctors or engineers. People took products ranging from carpetry to copper pots to sell abroad, brought food products and garments back instead.

What should people do in the period of economic crisis? — Opinions of experts

Experts advise people to be more innovative and find jobs suitable for the demands of the XXI century. They highly assess the opportunities of young people in this branch

What should government do to overcome the crisis?

In the period of crisis government must do more things than ever. For this reason government must found more work places for the population

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