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Basically ORYX was founded to build Multi Platform product with the aim to cover all needed for everyone and for crypto users.

The platform itself was connected each other. …

ORYX goes beyond being a currency, it is a real investment system with a great ecosystem that is constantly growing.

Standard blockchain environments contain many centralization vulnerabilities, such as self-contained development, consensus methods, and coin monopolization.

ORYX project seeks to rectify these limitations by creating decentralized platforms and applications. Accordingly…

Because there are serious problems and it is very detrimental to the ORYX project, we will swap the ORX tokens to the ORYX tokens. For our members, please swap immediately. The deadline for this swap until July 27th, 2020. The ratio is 1:1.

✅The swap process is as follows:

  1. For all ORX holders, please send your ORX tokens to this wallet address 0xdd5f6b0d0fb07c843ca30b12909f8672e1482a7e
  2. Filling out this FORM (specifically for investors who took part in the private sale we have done, you don’t need fill this form because we have your data, just send…




We are proud to announce that our 6th MVP has been launched!!!🥳💃🕺

The name of our 6th MVP is JOSY 😊

JOSY is a mobile marketing platform that rewards users by watching videos

JOSY Users are rewarded for watching videos using ORX tokens, cryptocurrencies and gift cards.

Our unique award platform allows us to offer creative and highly effective video advertising solutions. We offer sponsored promotions, email promotions, banner ads, special videos, and more! That’s all included in JOSY ads.

For more info about Josy please Visit:

Available Android App on Google Play:

Hello ORYX members! 👋

🛂 We announce our IEO schedule on CatEx exchanges as follows:

IEO stage 1st

- IEO ORX tokens will begin on November 30th 2019 at 10:00 AM (UTC) until December 9th 2019 at 10:00 AM (UTC).

- The total supply in IEO is 20,000,000 ORX tokens

- Price per 1 ORX token is $0.075

- Up to 20% bonus on every purchase

✅ Link :

Set your alarm ⏱, don’t miss this valuable moment because we apply BUY BACK SYSTEM ♻️ from some of the benefits we get from the ORX tokens ecosystem ☯️

You can take a quick look at the information about oryx.

ORYX Team 😊

1. We already add Oyaaa app in google play ✅

2. We would to build the 3rd MVP, that is Store platform 🛍

3. We would to build the 4th MVP, that is Wallet platform ♻️

4. We would to announce the next stages of our token sales soon. In this stages we would to make an IEO on the exchanges with the best selling rate of our tokens. 🏦

5. We will provide KYC form for airdrop and bounty hunter, to make sure we dont get cheater again for our airdrop and bounty campaign. 🎯

Your support is our spirit! Thank you 😊

The popularity of social networks soared as networks were designed to appeal to a fundamental human need, the desire to belong to a group and socialize. Unluckily, many users have now begun to claim that social networks function more as ad-serving tools and spies.

The networking giant Facebook has too…

💻We are building the leading decentralized blockchain based marketplace, by enabling merchants to actively participate in every important decision, we empower them to be more than just customers of a platform.

💻The main purpose of Oryx is technically decentralizing online payments aka Electronic transactions, Giving solutions to online merchants by providing applications that speedily resolve issues concerning slower service and improving e-commerce business and building useful apps .

💻But oryx isn’t just about e-commerce on blockchain, but also to help Startup up founders. The aim of Oryx is to build blockchain applications that could be integrated to real world usage.

💻Oryx is a project that will have its own blockchain in the future with optional privacy fostering the adoption of cryptocurrency as it is centrally E-commerce base.

🔶 For more info Please read oryx whitepaper


Dear Oryx Community,

As an incentive to support the continued growth of the oryx Community, network and oryx ecosystem, oryx announces a HARD rewards program to reward those who share its vision of the long-term success of oryx and its technology.

2% of the marketing will be deducted from the…


🌐Decentralization Social Network

You can share about crypto, your feeling, your loves, your daily life or a new info in there😉

📹 Decentralized video streaming platform

Unvid is a Decentralized video streaming platform on the blockchain that rewards viewers and content creators.

Thanks for your support to us and the Oryx project,

good luck! 💟


The Oryx project is dedicated to building valuable dApps that Solve real world and cryptocurrency issues.

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