🛂The Progress Announcement of ORYX Project🛃

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1. We already add Oyaaa app in google play ✅

2. We would to build the 3rd MVP, that is Store platform 🛍

3. We would to build the 4th MVP, that is Wallet platform ♻️

4. We would to announce the next stages of our token sales soon. In this stages we would to make an IEO on the exchanges with the best selling rate of our tokens. 🏦

5. We will provide KYC form for airdrop and bounty hunter, to make sure we dont get cheater again for our airdrop and bounty campaign. 🎯

Your support is our spirit! Thank you 😊

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The Oryx project is dedicated to building valuable dApps that Solve real world and cryptocurrency issues. https://oryx.network/

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