The time that Tony Fadell sold me a container of hummus.
Arlo Gilbert

The author is clearly frustrated, but this is misleading… It’s not a Nest product per-se (and often products of acquired companies get killed off). EOL products often get end-of-support.

And if you buy something niche that is closed-source and that depends on online services, you should expect there’s a lifespan to your being able to use that product. You know, like if you try to play a game from years ago, are the multiplayer servers still going to be running? Maybe…but maybe not.

There are two obvious solutions. Either plan for obsolesce and nimbly update your technology over time.

Or go open-source and pick things the community can support over time (hint: for niche products, this works best if you can contribute too, not just consume).

Otherwise, may I humbly suggest your geekdom is not sufficient to be an early adopter of specialized products.

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