No alcohol, no coffee for 27 months. This is what happened.
Tobias van Schneider

The thing is, there’s a ton of room between $0 and $1000 a month for beverages (especially in the rest of the country that isn’t NYC). I don’t get America’s obsession with “abstain or binge”. What’s so hard about moderation?

And it’s totally unfair to put coffee in the same category (and title) as alcohol. Alcohol, as much as I enjoy it, is tied a vast array of social and health ills. But coffee is tied to tons of health benefits (even in very large doses, much more than Americans drink) according to broad meta-studies. The “coffee is unhealthy” crap from the late 20th century was as scientifically valid as the “margarine is healthy!” crap. The 1980s were not a good time for scientific validity.

NB Coffee doesn’t mean coffee-flavored milk or coffee-flavored dessert. The villain in those things is sugar, and to a lesser degree, dairy.

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