I’m always 50% skeptical about hashtag engagement
Saul, they’re getting 25% more impressions and profile visits because you sent 25% more tweets 😬
Deborah Kay

I am the first to tell people that whether you spend a little time on your hashtag choices or a lot of time, if you’re somewhat strategic, either way, you will get a little more in positive outcomes:

  • A tiny bit more follows, as people find you’re Tweet by clicking on a hashtag or by searching, hashtag tracking in a Hootsuite/Tweetdeck/etc. column, or from those who automatically curate and republish tweets that contain a certain hashtag.
  • Just a few more eyes on your Tweets will yield more URL click-throughs. For us, organic, free social has been our number one inbound marketing channel.
  • More social shares (retweets, etc.), too

Since it’s just a little more that you will get, our stance is that you should spend nearly zero time on your hashtag decisions. So, instead of doing site research, rather, use our Enhance feature, for auto-hashtagging. Since Enhance can also bundle in any/all of the options I showed in the image in my case study, your win is in getting several tedious tasks done with a single click (RiteForge and RiteBoost), and within your workflow — by extension or mobile app. Or, since Enhance is also built into RitePush, apply Enhance to up to 100 posts at a time.

And go live your life

If you see our manifesto (in our About page), what we’re actually about is eliminating nuisance tasks from people’s work. This is most evident in our APIs, with Company Logo or link shortening, which provide value that is not limited to social media.

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