An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Probably a heroic idea to slam the company that barely, very barely pays your bills. I’m impressed. I assume the fancy bourbon and food, finery that others are calling you out came from people. I don’t think you need to look like a grovelling waif, and one that your peers, children of privilege expect anyone who dares to say “I’m not taking this anymore and I need a leg up” should be reduced to.

That said, I did my first unpaid internship for CBS TV Philadelphia (owned and operated; not an itty bitty operation) and learned that TV/Film was not for me — though I was just about to finish my B.A. in Film.

In my early forties, I became enamored of startups and tried to get into one. I was bilingual, in Japan nearly 20 years by then, and had lots of experience in business development. I thought I had ideas, too. I thought that I should be able to draw a salary. I could not find a job so I took an unpaid internship. What I learned in a few months and the relationships forged are what made it possible to launch a startup myself.

Talia, I Tweeted to you. Reply if you are intrigued. Our startup is bootstrapped, not funded, has no shareholders, an infinite runway, and just started it’s fifth year. Maybe we have something for you, because you sure can write — far better than 95% of your holier-than-thou detractors.

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