Video : Setting up, integrating and creating social media posts with RiteForge 

In this video, our CEO, Saul, shows how to set up your posting and scheduling, select and customize your URL shortener, including, which adds your self-branded CTA to pages that you share in social media posts.

The RiteForge browser extension provides a one-button social fix: two relevant and reaching hashtags, and when possible, an image, too. That’s Auto-Enhance. There is also “Manually enhance,” which provides the full toolkit — millions of free to use images, animations, influencer-tagging, emoji from a customizable emoji bar, and of course, hashtag analytics and hashtag suggestions — based on those getting current engagement rather than those that are “trending.” After all, it’s all about what you can expect to get for your trouble, rather than trending: which hashtags are going out in many Tweets right now.

The RiteTag Social Media Marketing Toolkit works throughout the RiteTag website, browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox — and the RiteKit app for iOS and Android as well. 

Enjoy RiteForge in the websites and browser extensions of RiteForge, Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, Facebook, Tweetdeck, and Twitter. Choose RiteKit, Buffer or Sendible for social media posting and scheduling, and choose or for your URL shortener. 

RiteTag offers a no-credit-card free 7-day trial, and then prices start at $15/month (ever less, when paid yearly.) 

You are most welcome to use this video anywhere, with attribution to

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