What it’s like to bootstrap a startup far from a startup hub city

The RiteTag team of 8, in Japan, the Czech Republic, America and India feel like children of a lesser God. Like the family in this video on the haves and the have-nots, and how staying hungry is not only a positive thing, and some of us on our team do know hunger — like the family at the end of this video:

Are you doing incredible things and also find you get crickets from journalists at top-tier blogs?

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My 3 favorite are-you-fucking-kidding-me startup concepts (that the press lapped up — because of where they are, or because they got funded):

  1. HashKey: the stand-alone hashtag key, a button that adds clutter to your desk while using one of your USB ports. Because you need more on your desk, hate leaving your many USB ports open, gathering dust — and because pressing shift+3 is far more work than searching for that HashKey. In London, UK — and so naturally, this is BBC-worthy.
  2. The Period Store: no, not what you’re thinking, it’s about menstual care packages: when it’s that time, they send you poems, candy, Advil, candles. You know, women comforting women stuff. I asked my wife if she’d be down for this. “Creepy. Fuck off, I don’t want to think about others knowing. Just, no.” Because we need more initiatives to support, simply because they are launched by women. Because the genders of the founders is important to VC…? This isn’t even an original concept; LeParcel, PinkParcel…, HelloFlo, Hey look, Google “monthly packages sent to menstruating women.” I counted nine pad punters in the first two pages of search results. The Period Store: In NYC; on HuffPost.
  3. NextDoor: This model of entrepreneurship helps senior citizens find things to do, locally — and their monetization is going to be ads. Because senior citizens are such a super money-using customer group, and because they generally look for things to do online. Because seniors tend to buy stuff online. Because seniors pay top dollar. Funded, $18M at last count, and they’re in SanFran. Here they are, in Mashable.

Journalists covering startups, social media tools, PR tools, entrepreneur’s tools, I ask you to just consider us “elsewhere“ startups as well.

I am the founder of RiteTag. Three years in development, moving so fast we stay in beta, and here’s just one of our unrivaled features one would think would get the time of day from TechCrunch, etc.:

Use any of our three browser extensions to get hashtags graded for engagement as you type them. With any of our extensions installed, click in a hashtag typed/pasted/set up as a retweet or reshare for six actionable analytics. Know how much the hashtag is being used, how much it is being reshared in tweets and four other stats which tell you what you can expect. Use the hashtag, break #socialpresence into two hashtags because at the time of this writing, #presence has half the views potential as #socialpresence and #social has many times the views potential (and a huge (current) retweetability to boot). All analytics constantly updated, 11M+ hashtags tracked (and growing).

After sending an embargoed press release to over 250 journalists, all with personalized messages, zero spam (considering the types of tech/fields that are on their beats) and all with screenshots, offers to provide exclusive quotes, a video, a slide deck… Crickets.

So please, just spend 4 minutes on the video on just our Chrome extension, and write me for more. Surprise me by being from TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, HuffingtonPost , The Guardian— because it’s been three years of the cold shoulder, and at this point I need to see that we actually have a chance.

Getting things done with the RiteTag browser extension

Esteemed journalists, if I have garnered your interest, tell me anything. As brief as you like. “Press release me on the extension” would be great, or a warm introduction to who should get our embargoed PR.

I can be reached by email or Twitter.

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