founders often baulk at the idea of spending money. That’s bullshit
You want to know how to build an audience? Read this.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

You might want to get to know some of the majority of us startup founders who don’t seem to be the majority because top tier news outlets have sold their souls to VC.

A startup is nickel and dimed to death. Automated testing services, domains, servers, salaries, project management and other cloud-based resources. A shared office, perhaps. Accounting, legal…

Social media ads? They are for those spending other peoples’ money, Jon. The majority of us have to earn our audience and for a very long time. You just wont find us in TechCrunch or Mashable.

What I would add to your ideas is that whether one is marketing a startup or any business, that with, not at. Watch those mentions. You may have garnered someone’s interest, and they are either sharing your stuff like a raving fan or perhaps in need of help with a product, etc. It takes just a few minutes a day to skim Twitter mentions, alerts, etc., and responding to the human stuff serves a worthwhile secondary purpose. It shows your growing audience that you also listen.

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