Game of Thrones and the consumption mentality

Ach.... Game of Thrones... It must be a struggle for a lot of people as well... Whenever a new episode is released, my mind seems to forget all its worries and anxieties.

"We have time it tells me."

"But, dude," I reply, "we just had a crisis meeting on our progress at work!"

"I was exaggerating a little," it says subtly, "in fact we are doing just fine... Plus we worked hard this week, we deserve this break!"

"But remember," I protest, "you said we needed just one extra hour of sleep today. You told me its the break we critically require for an improved performance!"

"Let's not dwell too much on who said what now. What do you think will happen in this episode?"

"I don't know wullah, maybe the dragon will die...?" I reply. " well, let's just take a peep. We'll work a bit while watching. It will be savedtime!"

"I click 'play' ".

The issue above is not unique to this time of the year. Nor is it a result of my love for Game of Thrones (I actually feel extremely bored at points in the show). It is a phenomenon that has been constant in my life ever since I had unlimited access to an internet connection.

Even in my most urgent tasks, there is something itching inside me to check my messages just one more time. Or to look at Facebook's feed for a second. Or to watch a 100 Episode Chinese Drama (the amazing Three Kingdoms)

Two things amaze me. How fast time flies by when i do these things. And how bad i feel afterwards. I feel like my soul is protesting.

"What are you doing? You are wasting our energy on things without any consequence to our future."

"This is not your calling. You are given this chance on earth for another reason. You are here to build and create. Not to consume and waste."

"I hate this. I will make you miserable."

This is my state every time I consume. I know it’s not a path of enlightenment. I know it’s not a step up on the mountain of life. I know it’s not the honorable thing to do. Not when I make excuse after excuse for not having time to help at home. Or to visit a sick relevant. Or to take that challenging task at work.

I just know deep down inside, I can do more. And I know, consumption won't take me anywhere. It will just drag further into the sea of irresponsibility.

It is just like Frtiz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy said “I don’t want to be saved, I want to be spent.”

So less consumption, more production is the way forward.

Happy Improvement ☺
Amman, Jordan
Aug 2017

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