Why I no longer Need Hasnain Lakhani to Shave his Beard

In the senior year of my undergrad, I started a campaign to get my friend Hasnain Lakhani to shave his beard (with an accompanying facebook page). I didn’t have anything against his beard; it was the senior year we were all about to graduate, we were experimenting with different things, completing our bucket lists, I just wanted him to experiment with a new look.

I got together a bunch of people, we took a few photos with little boards with reasons why people thought he should shave. Hasnain finally relented and got a shave.

Initially the facebook page was just an in-joke with barely 150 likes from people who were in on the whole thing. Fast forward to 2015, the page suddenly exploded and now it had about a 1000 likes.

A few weeks back one of my friends decided to create a facebook page for his car business, and I sold the “We need Hasnain Lakhani to shave off his beard” page to him. And by sold, I mean I just gave it away to him for free.

My reason for doing that was simple. The initial campaign was a time-relevant in-joke for the people who knew Hasnain, that’s just the initial 150 or so people. And to someone who didn’t know Hasnain or even know of Hasnain (the other 850 or so people)it came off as a bunch of people bullying poor guy into shaving his beard which he had grown for religious reasons (if Hasnain felt that I might have bullied him into shaving his beard, then I am truly sorry). But how do I know that people felt that I made Hasnain shave his religious beard? Because over the past 6 months I have been getting hate mail from people who have been telling me how I would “rot in hell for making that guy shave”, or how “truly fucked up” I am for launching a campaign like that.

I realized that since the context behind the page was lost now, so there was no longer a point in keeping it active. When my friend decided to take his business online I happily volunteered that page with all the likes. (I have been told that a 1000 likes on facebook is worth $10).

The following are the photos from that page. Some of these are people expressing their frustration with never having seen his face, most of these are people just being totally absurd

And then Hasnain went for the shave:

The final Outcome:

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