Charter Fishing in Mallorca

To arrive in mallorca, you could move by plane and land on the airport of palma de mallorca which is 8km east of palma, the capital of mallorca. Once on the island, you can use the properly linked rail, metro or bus offerings.


Spring: Fishing in mallorca in overdue may also, is characterized by species inclusive of bluefin tuna, white tuna (albacore), swordfish, short bill speerfish and dorado (dolphinfish). Purple tuna pass via the channel of ibiza, winding their manner across the gulf of valencia to the delta del ebro to spawn in the balearic islands, the gulf of leon and other areas. Those are large specimens which includes albacore of 10kg-20kg and 15kg–50kg tunas. It also includes high-quality to fish them with the trolling method. Now and again you may also catch some quick invoice speerfish, however that is occasional.

Summer: In june, shoals of fish move in locations called the “s” and “tower”, positioned in southern the island of mallorca. In june and july, the albacore move to “ses mamelles”. In mallorca in summer time, you could fish particularly via chumming and the excellent regions are between majorca and ibiza, north of cabo formenter and also an area positioned to the east of porto colom and porto cristo.

Autumn: Fishing in mallorca whilst autumn comes is likewise practiced with the aid of spinning and light trolling in an effort to capture the small tuna fish and dolphinfish (1–10kg). September and october are also superb for fishing dolphinfish (dorado). To fish by means of trolling is essential to move away from the coast. The small bluefin tuna from 1–2kg is often discovered at this time of yr, but you may want to launch them after catching, as they’re a covered species

Wintry weather: Charter fishing in Mallorca at some point of the winter months, as throughout the yr, can be achieved with huge recreation fishing. Using this fishing approach, we can discover a huge style of species along with “caproig” black spot sea bream, conger eel and forkbeard amongst others. You could also practice squid fishing.

All yr: Fishing in mallorca is a hit in the course of the 12 months. You could fish through jigging (dentex, amber jack, mero), however you should invest many hours. You may also practice massive recreation fishing. Bottom fishing is performed using baits like worms, squid, cuttlefish and sardine. Black spot sea bream, forkbeard, white sea bream, “caproig”, mackerel, grouper and conger may be fished.
In alcudia, you could fish bluefin tuna all year. Some miles from the coastline is the “music”, in which the ocean floor falls 1000m. Tuna and swordfish permanently live in this location and feed mainly on mackerel. On this area of mallorca storms are very common, despite the fact that on calm days, you could experience real landscapes of the waters of alcudia.

Top species

Caproig (scorpionfish): They devour small fish and crustaceans and shed their skins every weeks. It is a beautiful fish notably desired through fishermen of the balearic islands, and they can be deep fished in mallorca throughout maximum of the 12 months with worms, sardines or squids.

Dolphinfish: The grownup male and girl dolphinfish may be advised apart with the aid of their one-of-a-kind fronts. The male one is sharper whereas the female is greater rounded. The first-class months for fishing them in mallorca are september and october. This is a voracious species, caught in particular by means of trolling with small lures and feathers. They’re properly combatants who can jump all through fight.

Bluefin tuna: Mallorca and balearic islands are one of the maximum essential spawning grounds of this “king of the seas.” despite the fact that the pleasant time to seize tuna is the summer season whilst the waters are warm, bluefin tuna may be stuck at some stage in the 12 months within the waters of alcudia. Tuna does not usually hunt in surface water as it feeds on mackerel at large depths underneath 10m. Because of this, there are not many fans of fishing tuna in mallorca, who exercise spinning to capture them.

Albacore: The albacore often lives in deep sea. Albacore is a precious meals and is likewise liked by way of sport fishermen. Among may additionally and august, you could fish them in mallorca by using trolling.

Swordfish: The swordfish is a migratory predator that is characterised by means of its lengthy, flat height (like a sword). On the grownup stage, they lose all their tooth and scales. The wintry weather months are the great time to seize swordfish, even though it is an unusual fish and fishing it isn’t easy.

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