Andela Boot Camp Day 3

Today marks the end of home study/self learning clinic and it has been a roller coaster ride, but is all am grateful for the experience and all the people i have meet in the program.

The learning experience has been fun, I have learned so much in such a little time I am proud of myself. This reminds me of our first day and lecture on growth mind set. The moment you are able to over come any obstacle in your mind that say’s you can’t do this or that, you become a champion in any field. I am not say it is easy but at the end, the effort and hard work would pay off.

Today’s assignments were on binary search, finding the missing number, and design a user interface. All had their various levels of challenges but the binary search seem to be the most complex. Everyone I nudged for assistance seem to be having the same challenge as I did. We all just have to find a way around it.

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