Color Me Bad

The Memoirs of a somewhat lost soul…

HIM: For guys like us, we’re burdened by the fact that a lot of women know that we can relate with their pain. We’ve been betrayed, we’ve had our share of heartache etcetera.

HIM: But most women don’t expect a man to be that in tune with his emotions.

HIM: They hold on to their relationship pains so much and for so long that when a guy like us comes along and he tries to show them that not all men are colored bad; that they don’t have to hold on to those pains; that they shouldn’t let the past destroy the present and kill a bright future, they refuse to listen.

HIM: The harder you try to help; the more you show your compassion and empathy, the more they color you as one of those men from their past. The harder they hold on to those dark memories and pain.

HIM: From the lady who can’t commit fully to a relationship because she believes you’ll just up and leave one day to the one who believes men act and should act in a particular, rigid way to the ones who believe that all men cheat without any exception and the ones who believes men from a particular tribe are descendants of the devil himself.

HIM: The above are battles I’ve been fighting for years and I wish I can tell you they’re battles I’ve been winning but no, I’ve lost every one of them. Every single one and so I ask myself: “can men like us make any difference? Will we ever win?”

ME: All we can ever do is hope that one day they will heal. All we can ever do is hope that one day their eyes will be opened to the truth and the joys that the world has to give. Until then, you let go when you must, hold on when you choose to remembering that in all of this, you have a choice to either see yourself as the victim and give up or you hold on to hope because truly, that is all we ever really have.