So if the date (whether the first or the tenth) was fun, if you find him attractive, and you both want it, (use protection) and just go for it.
Yes or No? (Hint: It Doesn’t Really Matter)

I absolutely second this. As long as there is consent, the rest is history. Truth is, this “should I” or “shouldn’t I” is completely dependent on the individual. A guy will always think what he’s going to regardless and the time frame in which one gives up sex is not a sure determinant of how well that relationship will go.

We only have one life to live and we shouldn’t be hung up so much on the thoughts of others so much so that we end up not living. This is my opinion of course.

I think it should also be taken to note that it’s a bit unfair for a guy to look down on a lady who gives up sex on the first date. Reason being that he wanted it and she gave it. Doesn’t that also say something about him if he’s judgemental?

Rant over.

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