Is Immigration For You?

Before we delve deeper into this, we should first ask why people want to or choose to emigrate from the Country of their birth.

If you go on Quora or just do a general Google search, you will find answers like: "better education, cheaper education, free health care, a place where the system works" amongst other things.

For the most part, they would be right. At least on the surface.

The questions a lot do not ask might be:

“how are all these things possible?”
“If the system works so well, what is the cost to the citizens?”
“What’s life actually like living in a new environment devoid of family and everything you’ve grown to know?”
“Will I be able to get a job in line with my current skill set or will I need further certifications?”

You find families who are all but set up in their home Countries with jobs and an established community selling off everything they have and going into a new Country where they do not know anyone and have to start almost afresh despite having gotten to a certain level in their home nation.

Being a Nigerian, I will focus on what seems to be the trend here. The Country of choice is Canada. That seems to be where professionals who choose to emigrate from Nigeria are immigrating to these days.

You hear of Bankers who have gotten as high as Banking Officers, who collect close to N6,000,000.00 a year resigning to relocate to Canada. You find doctors leaving practice here for supposedly greener pastures. Lawyers too; just to mention a few.

Upon getting there however, some have succeeded because they were tenacious and never gave up while some others find themselves stuck in jobs which may earn more when converted to Naira but are way below the level of what they were doing in their home country.

Status can be a factor if one chooses to compare.

They forget that going into a society that is completely different from where they are coming from requires a total reorientation and thus they are overwhelmed by things like the cold weather, the high taxes, the expensive accommodation, the different culture and non traditional way of raising children etcetera.

Some people actually immigrate hoping that they can have an even better life, thinking the new place to be a Utopia of some sort.

How many have actually taken the time to ask themselves why they really want to take this step?

How many are immigrating just because everyone else around them seems to be doing it?

How many actually have a well thought out plan filled with countless hours poring over any and all information they can find on the new Country and finding out how things work?

There are people who need the new environment to build on what they have within them while others can actually thrive right here in Nigeria despite the harshness of the situation within the Country.

So dear reader, if I were to ask you if immigration is for you, I would love to read your responses. I would like you to tell me if you think immigration is for you and more importantly why you believe it is for you.

Sound off in the comments below.