Hey, Osasu, I imagine the reason you’re struggling with the line is the same reason most people do…
Doc Ayomide

It is a dilemma isn’t and I can’t fault your logic from your point of view. I really can’t fault it period since we all see things differently and aren’t expected to always agree.

I think that first paragraph made it sound like I was about to go off on you but the truth is I won’t and I can’t because you’re right. Trying to see it from the point of view of the person who chose this way out is more important than my own feelings about it.

The reason I wrote that post in the first place stems from the fact that I recently had a friend who died by suicide. She locked herself in her mother’s room and did what she felt she had to do and now her mum is at my folks place crying her heart out wondering what she could have done differently and suffering from survivors guilt because she wasn’t in the country at the time this happened. Added to the fact that she’s a devout conservative Christian…

Thank you Doc for reading my post and taking out the time to respond to my response to yours in such detail. I appreciate that more than you can imagine.