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It was upsetting but not in a bad way mind you. I have been avoiding reading this story for a while now because I knew what it would do to me.

The pain I would feel.

I have tears in my eyes as I type this and it takes all of me not to just let them out.

I won’t claim to understand what you went through Jaden, or you Wild Flower. That would be pretentious of me. I never experienced anything even close to this in my life and prior to this time I’d have said I didn’t know anyone with a similar experience.

Now I do…

What gets me the most is this: I have seen the both of you write such profound and beautiful upbeat things. Wild Flower has always been there when I’m in my melancholy moods and put up dark poems.

So to know that you went through this growing up. To know what you had to experience. To know that somehow through it all you still shine, you are indeed brave.

I am so sorry this happened to you and I am glad that you are okay now.

If you aren’t completely whole yet, someday you will be.


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