The Women Before Me
Ozzy Etomi

This is a beautifully written piece and it seems to me like there is a lot of experience you have drawn from to write this.

I have to ask a question though:

What exactly is marriage? Why exactly do people choose to get married? Even if a man loves you and you love him in return, is there no form of tolerance, understanding and maturity involved or is it a long lasting fairy tale affair?

Don’t we all have flaws? Don’t both parties endure and tolerate each other at some point but decide to stay together?

What about the men that have come before and been dealt a bad hand in their own relationships and marriages?

What I’m hoping is that this piece is meant to highlight what a number of women go through and have gone through in marriages and not that “not being married is a guarantee to a happy life.”

Just in closing, I agree that a lot of women go through more than they need to all in the name of marriage. I agree that too many women settle and get to give in to the pressure of society and their families and not because that is what they really want. I also get that because of education and whatnot, a lot of people (men and women) opt for divorce rather than stay with someone they don’t love. So here’s my final question: “If a marriage is to work on the long term, what would your advice be.”

After all, to every problem there is a solution right?

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