For real i can not lie when i say it is by Gods grace that i am still strong and moving on.I have and still encountering a lot of challenges for thee step two.I it is more complex than challenge one because in challenge one mostly we tackled UI and bit of front end which was not that challenging compared to now.I am praying so hard that atleast Andela as a whole will see something interesting in my work and grant me the chance to be one of them.I know i am not perfect but the good thing with me is that i accept changes.

However,i really love the way my team members are helping each other with problems before reaching out the facilitator.I want to applause my self first of all for pushing my self to help my mates despite my situation.It is by helping others that you learn a lot.Secondly, i want to applause Sammy, Kariuki, Lenny,Martin, and tech foxes members for their support always.They have really been of help to me. Atleast i can say that were i have reached it is because of them.

Thirdly,my facilitator Paul upendo(Candy man)i what i can say to him is that he is just the best.I have heard a lot of complains from my colleagues about their LFA which i have not encountered.He has always been helpful to us in the team and they can prove me right.It is also because of him i am still moving on with this tasks despite every difficulty.I just pray that if i get the chance to move to week two,he should still be my facilitator.

I thank Andela for their chance and wish they see some thing in me that will help me move to the next level.

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