I am still a student at Nairobits being introduced to programming.Currently i have tackled bit of PHP as a programming language and am still looking forward to know more.I am expected to learn python and java script in order to come up with the yummy_recipe app which is challenging because i am being introduced to a new language i have no idea of.I am self driven and i am sure i can handle the challenge to my level best because one of my goals is to become a great Andela developer.

I also have issues with internet.I cant asses internet the whole day which makes my study so challenging as most of our work is online.I am forced to make it to school so early in the morning so that i can asses the resources available and finish up on work that maybe i never managed to finish the other day and to go back home so late when done with that day’s to do list.

I takes a strong heart and a person with growth mind set to be able to go on despite all the challenges.I am really pushing my self to bring out the best in me.Something else is that i have to help the bootcamp mates around me and those in slack in case they are stuck somewhere i have i idea of,this is also a challenge because you are supposed to submit work on the required time and you cant leave anyone behind yet you have an idea about something.It is good to share knowledge and that is why we are there for each other.

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