I would say my current experience in bootcamp is educative as well as challenging.First of all on the educative side i can say i am really learning a lot because to be honest i do not know a lot of things.I am taking the challenge to get to know a lot of things with the resources provided which are really helpful.

For the challenging part i can say i am trying to multitask on a lot of stuffs in order to submit my work on time and not only to deliver but to bring out something quality.

YOYO(you own your own learning) as it is stated in Andela has really motivated me and i have actually taken it as my own personal slogan.I have have realized that learning on your own makes you more self driven and opens your mind to do things on your own because no one will do them for you.I have also learnt to have a growth mindset unlike fixed mind set because with growth mind set one urges to know more and more each and everyday which brings about growth.

Bootcamp might be challenging but its worth it.One comes out with a lot of knowledge that is helpful to him or her and the society at large.

I am looking forward to finish this stage as well learning more that i do not know yet.One important thing that i have also learnt so far is why feedback is important.One can review certain valuables truths he or she never knew.This helps a lot as one is able to problems they never knew or would never notice and work on them effectively.

I really thank Andela for this great chance they gave to me it has molded me in a lot of ways and i know i will be better when bootcamp ends.

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