Why Onboarding is the most important business investment

The process of onboarding is just so that you increase the likelihood of a person’s success within the organization.

Success can be measured based on how long the person stays with you, how creative the person is, and how satisfied the person is with his or her position.

You can affect a person’s ability to do all three things by whether or not you onboard correctly.

It doesn’t matter how large or how small your organization is, if you don’t onboard correctly people will be more likely to leave, and when you think about how much you spent just trying to get them into the door, and how much you spent training them, and how much you will spend retraining and recruiting someone else, you will realize how essential onboarding is.

As leaders who perhaps have thrived without proper onboarding, we tend to tend to think that if I survived it, then others can, and then we dismiss the importance of onboarding.

Try not to forget the challenges and the frustrations you went through in the beginning, and don’t take it for granted that because you thrived anyone else can as well. Everyone’s tolerance for chaos and for dealing with the unknown is different, so if you want people to be successful in your organization — give them everything they need to be successful, and it begins with proper onboarding.

What are your thoughts about it? How did onboarding make a difference for you? What do you usually do to onboard new staff members?


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