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This is a great thought piece. Thanks for putting it out there, Roland!

I agree that people and firms all too often consider their content marketing strategies to be static. And I agree that contemporary organizations need to protect a generous amount of leeway for agile experimentation when it comes to content marketing execution. But in my mind, these are principles that should inform a good strategy — not principles that render strategies useless.

There are too many benefits associated with formulating and documenting strategies. Among them:

  • Forcing managers and team members to take a step back from the details and look at everything holistically
  • Evaluating the relative ROI of many activities over larger chunks of time
  • Getting team members and other stakeholders aligned on messaging, positioning, goals and priorities
  • Canonizing processes that need to be replicated on the fly, when things get hectic

Drain the bathwater, but keep the baby.

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