The story behind Newsvoice

On the International Fact Checking Day, 2 April 2017, we launched Newsvoice — a news site/app with more perspectives of the news which lets the readers decide what’s important. Today, I want to tell you why we started Newsvoice.

In a world with increasing polarization and selfish agendas, the people and the democracy have suffered. The trust in mass media is at record lows, but news media is still a corner-stone in a democracy. It is the media who reminds politicians about their unfulfilled promises at the time of elections. The people elect the politicians who take the decisions in society. But the news media of today needs a fix.

Newsvoice’s vision is to break filter bubbles, challenge mainstream media and to stop fake news.

In your social feeds, you see news you and your friends might like — the so called filter bubble. This, combined with today’s media that often amplifies and contributes to conflicts between different views, increase the polarization in society.

Newsvoice always shows different perspectives of the news stories, e.g. if you read about the crisis in Syria, you can see perspectives from the U.S., Russia and the Middle East. For American politics you can see a left-wing, a right-wing and a foreign perspective.

Fake news is also a very real problem today. During the U.S. presidential election, the top 20 fake news articles had more engagement than the top 20 real ones. On the other side, some of the content produced today has probably never been better, but it has never been more difficult to find and trust the news. This is what we want to solve with Newsvoice.

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Newsvoice’s goal is ambitious and driven by technology. We strive to improve the news experience and to solve the today’s challenges with filter bubbles, media bias and fake news. We want to show more perspectives of the news to get more informed citizens. We want our readers to discuss current issues with their opposition to find greater solutions. We want to revitalize our democracy.

Democratized News

As we all know, media helps to shape our opinions, and our opinions decide which politicians we put in power. The news stories in focus change the behavior of politicians, companies, organisations and people. The readers’ contributions play a key role in our service. We give our readers the democratic right to vote and contribute to the news stories, sources and headlines. If you want to be active, you have the chance to make a real difference. If you just want to skim the news, you can just sit back and enjoy the very best stories and articles the web has to offer.

Newsvoice is not built by journalists or mass media. Not by any large corporation. We are people believing that technology and people can solve many of today’s challenges and improve the world we are living in. Our cutting-edge technology automatically scans and analyzes news from hundreds of sources — from mass media, foreign media, and independent media — but in the end, it’s the readers that decide what’s worth reading.

The Best News Experience

We want to create the best news experience out there — together with our community. We have launched a first version of Newsvoice, but we are continuously working on the many ideas in our pipeline, to become the news app that shows the most comprehensive and unbiased picture of the world.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Newsvoice! Together we can change the world.

Check out our mobile apps in App Store and Google Play. I appreciate all feedback you may have. Tweet me @ohedwall.

Oscar Hedwall, Co-Founder Newsvoice

PS. If you share a news article in social media, do your friends a favor and challenge their bubbles by sharing it through Newsvoice.

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