Two days of fasting

Inspired by Ludvig Sunströms post on two-day fasting and the numerous research papers on how fasting improves cell regeneration, and how it is highly beneficial for the human digestion system, I decided to try it out. Having had experience of intermittent fasting for some years (Martin Berkhan), this particular undertaking feels like a natural extension to my earlier ventures.

Furthermore, I find the psychological challenge of resisting your monkey mind’s strong urge to indulge in food highly attractive. The possibility to develop my capability of resisting pleasure in favour of fictive pain — resulting in a stronger sense of self and self-control. Trimming one’s mind. Regaining control of one’s basal biological needs. Also, I have a strong sense of need to bust the common myth that we need to consume food every other hour (most definitely on my list of top myths that needs to be obliterated, along with the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — a saying invented by lobbyists for Kellogg to sell their newly invented breakfast cereals in the mid 19th century).

In order to inspire others to challenge themselves in the same way, this post will be simple and straightforward. I’ll track my emotional and physical states in various stages of the fasting, and explore and elaborate them for you.

Hour 12

This short into the fasting, I’m experiencing nothing different what so ever. No feelings of hunger. No sense of deprivation of energy. No positive or negative effects — which isn’t surprising at all, as I usually eat according to intermittent fasting.

Hour 19

My focus has been really good so far, been programming and writing all day. Just went grocery shopping, which isn’t the best idea when you’re feeling kind of hungry — but on the good side, I now have food for when I’m finished fasting! Feeling somewhat disassociated and dizzy. Not too bad though, but a tad bit. Though, I’m experiencing a somewhat calmer sense of self with an increased sense of clarity. Now you might be thinking, how on earth could someone feel disassociated and dizzy while feeling a deeper sense of clarity? Well, that’s understandable. The feeling is hard to describe. It’s somewhat like the onset on larger doses of caffeine (>200mg), when your senses are heightened in such a pace that the brain has somewhat of a hard time to keep up, resulting in a sense of deep immersion (for a short while, until the brain catches up).

Hour 25

Still not experiencing hunger at all, even though I was sitting right next to two friends of mine having burgers for dinner. My focus is somewhat unclear, and my mood is a tad bit lower than usual. Feeling a sense of deep relaxation, but the swings are a bit more intense. My memory is feeling somewhat weaker, and I lose myself more easily in conversation. During the day I consumed quite a lot of caffeine, which I won’t do tomorrow as it instils a sense of background stress.

I can feel my intestines being more relaxed, which is a nice feeling. After spending the last few weeks in Thailand, consuming quite a fair bit of oily food and meat, this is lovely. This most definitely will be a good way to let my system regain its former vitality before launching into a healthier diet.

Hour 36

Feeling more focused than yesterday afternoon. Wouldn’t claim that the focus and the clarity are aimed towards everything, but rather the task at hand. My capabilities on focusing on many things at once, or to recognise things happening in my periphery is lower, but my capability to focusing on one task and one task only is enhanced.

Still basically no feelings of hunger at all. My body indicates that I should consume more water today than I did yesterday, which I’ll definitely do. Also changing coffee to tea, in order to keep the amount of caffeine consumed lower.

Hour 48

The increased focused that I experienced earlier is slowly diminishing and transforming into a more clouded form, where I find myself having no problems to focus on a task, but experiencing it quite problematic to use my focus in a constructive and qualitative sense. It’s somewhat like consuming hours of video instructions on a specific task, only to find yourself clueless on where to start when you are about to actually produce something with that knowledge.

Still not feeling hungry, actually, not at all, which for me was quite confusing. I expected myself to start feeling intense hunger, as I usually experience quite intense hunger white cutting weight. An even bigger shock was the fact that starting to eat again didn’t trigger feelings of hunger either, but I rather had to force myself to start eating once again.

Conclusion & final words

Having completed two days of fasting, I find myself content. I proved to myself that my mind is clear and focused enough to stay on track and not break out of a longer fast. My digestive system had a chance to reset after staying in Thailand for a couple of weeks. My focus stayed about the same, but with a somewhat different quality than in a state of regular food consumption.

I will most definitely do more two days fast in the future when I feel like my body needs some time to recover.

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